It is the needs of  the crane operator, who braves the elements, who pushes the limit day by day, and who needs a reliable partner at his side, that spur us on. Built to withstand the daily wear and tear, our cranes serve the heroes of  the forest since 1966. Their work validates both our endeavours and the quality of our products.

Proudly, I carry on what my father, the inventor of the foldable timber loading crane, began over 50 years ago: building cranes.

Rochus Penz


Built for the rigours of everyday use. The timber range combines technical precision, top craftsmanship and experience from 55 years of timber crane construction.

Having started out as pioneers, our engineers strive to build the most reliable and safest cranes.



The cranes in the L-class are true specialists. Reliable and incomparable, they can handle long timber even over a distance of 25 metres.

But they all have one thing in common: they are all timber-handling products that boast high-quality materials, unique workmanship, and ease of handling.



The cranes of the L-class are true specialists. Reliable and exceptional, they are capable of loading logs up to 25 metres long.

They are products of the Timber Class, which is characterised by high-quality materials, unique refinement steps and easy handling.

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